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“Detourism”, the official Town of Venice Tourist communication Service Newsletter, today presents St. Mark’s square, Venice’s monumental heart! Enjoy your reading!

St. Mark’s square and its gems.

Few other places in the world have entered our imagination as fully as St Mark’s Square, which has been in every traveller’s dream for centuries. Famous for its Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, museums and historic cafés, this is also the only square in the city: all the others in Venice are called ‘campi‘ and ‘campielli‘.

Since the 9th century, the Piazza has gradually become a concentration of art and history treasures. It is difficult for us now to imagine how it originally looked, much smaller and cultivated with vegetable gardens as far as the Batario canal. It was with the arrival of St Mark’s remains in Venice in 828 and the building of the first basilica that the area began to take on the appearance of the monumental heart of the city.

The whole area of St. Mark’s Square today is a monumental site of particular value, located in the centre of the UNESCO-protected ‘Venice and its Lagoon‘ site. Here, as in the entire historic centre of Venice, there are rules to be respected to help keep the extraordinary beauty of this place intact. In particular, it is forbidden to eat and drink sitting on the ground, on monuments, bridges, steps, wells, shop windows, and on the high-water footbridges. Moreover, it is also forbidden to feed pigeons.

Discover Venice’s monumental heart

[source: La newsletter di Venezia del 31.08.2023]
[picture: lluita, FreeImages]

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