Video Contest


TGS Eurogroup is launching a competition for short videos taped during the “Su e Zo” with video cameras, cameras, mobile phones, or tablets.
In order to join this competition, videos do not have to exceed 3 minutes and they have to show what the march is like: joy, happiness of being together, fun moments, and peculiar scenes taped during the Su e Zo.
Participating videos will have to include mainly filmed sequences, therefore collections or carousels of still images will not be taken into account. A Jury of experts will select the best videos groups which will be awarded with a “Su e Zo” plaque and published on the official website
Delivery deadline: DVD videos will need to be sent to:“Corto in corsa”, TGS Eurogroup Head Office, via Marconi 22, 31021 Mogliano Veneto TV, ITALY, by 30th April 2024. Alternatively videos may be sent via any cloud service (Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox or other – mp4, mov, avi file format accepted) to
Pease fill in the application form and send it over to TGS Office with your video.
Free admission.

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