Solidarity T-shirt 2024

Oragiovane, TGS Eurogroup and Su e Zo per i Ponti together for the Salesian Missions of Holy Land

Oragiovane and TGS Eurogroup are launching the “Up and Down the Bridges” charity initiative in support of the Salesian Missions of Holy Land.

Every year the money raised from the “Up and Down the Bridges”, after expenses, is donated to charity. This year the management committee decided to support the Salesian Missions of Holy Land.

Oragiovane makes its communication expertise and web facilities available to promote the Up and Down the Bridges event: an original t-shirt was especially designed for the occasion, depicting lovely illustrations of the event, on sale to anyone willing to support our charity project. Each and every t-shirt sold will produce 1 euro to be given to the Salesian Missions of Holy Land.


The Su e Zo Solidarity T-shirt may be purchased at the special price of € 10,00 according to one of the following methods:

  1. Combined purchase “Su e Zo Ticket + T-shirt” by filling in the form “On line Registration” on this very same web site – maximum purchase 10 T-shirts by 7th April 2024 (advance free collection at TGS Eurogroup headquarters or at Su e Zo ticket points in Venice on the day of the event).
  2. Purchase of T-shirt only as well as other Su e Zo garments on the special section of the on line store, no minimum purchase required and no deadline date set (express delivery – shipping charges apply).

Please note: the Su e Zo Solidarity T-shirt is produced on a limited edition. Purchase is only possible while stocks last.

Overseas delivery: please ask for a quote by sending an email message to

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