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“Detourism”, the official Town of Venice Tourist communication Service Newsletter, today presents the best the Scuola Grande of Saint Roch, on the occasion of its feast, and all other Scuole Grandi in Venice! Enjoy your reading!

Saint Roch’s Day.

August 16th is the feast day of Saint Roch, very much loved by Venetians. The centre of the festival is Campo San Rocco, which gets its name from the church of San Rocco e and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. The church holds the body of St. Roch, patron saint of Venice, since 3 March 1490, and each year on the occasion of the saint’s feast day the relics are displayed and venerated. A large wooden structure covered with a canopy is erected in the square, linking the entrances to the church with the Scuola. This tent was the result of an old vow taken by the Venetian Senate and Signoria in 1577 in exchange for the city’s liberation from the plague. Once Venice had been freed of the plague, the Doge would visit the church and confraternity every year during this festival.

Learn more about Saint Roch

The Scuole Grandi in Venice.

Besides the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, today there are four Scuole Grandi in Venice: San Giovanni Evangelista, San Marco, Carmini, San Teodoro, and the Scuola Dalmata dei Ss. Giorgio e Trifone. Scuole Grandi were lay societies which provided welfare and spiritual support to their membership and to the wider society.
They are home of some of the greatest Venice’s art-treasures.

Explore the Scuole Grandi

[source: La newsletter di Venezia n. 30/2020 del 13.02.2020]
[picture: TGS Eurogroup]

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