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Today we present a special edition of “Detourism: Venice newsletter”, the newsletter prepared by the Tourism Office of the Town of Venice, totally dedicated to the high water which affected Venice exactly one year ago.

AquaGranda 2019, a digital archive on high water.
Pictures, video and posts telling about the night of 12th November 2019

During the night of 12th November 2019, Venice was submerged by 187 centimetres of water, being hit by the most serious high water of the century considered as second only to the 1966 one.

With the intention of remembering the events that had occurred during that night and on the following days, a digital archive was created collecting posts on social networks, as well as messages from private chats, pictures and videos, that had been exchanged and published by residents and visitors of the city over those troubled hours.

This is the AquaGranda 2019 project which was carried out by Ca’ Foscari, along with Science Gallery Venice and in collaboration with the partner institutions of the Venetian District for research and innovation (DVRI).

A year from the event, 12th November 2020 at 12, Ca’ Foscari will be live streaming on its Youtube channel (and on the Facebook page of Science Gallery Venice) to present the AquaGranda 2019 project and also launch the website.

Aquagranda 2019 has already involved hundreds of citizens who have contributed providing pictures, videos and data to the creation of a “digital collective memory”.

The initiative will then continue in 2021. The collected contents will be accessible through a QR code from many places of the city involved by the tide. On 21st April, a diffused exhibition in the city will be launched, consisting in virtual works inspired to the contents of the archive and made by some international artists. The works can be accessed anywhere from your smartphone.

Discover more about the AquaGranda 2019 Project!

[fonte: La newsletter di Venezia, N° 43/2020 del 11.11.2020]
[picture: Ca’ Foscari / Science Gallery Venice]

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